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Outline for C-1248 on Wattpad  by AuriaWriter1995 Outline for C-1248 on Wattpad :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 1 1
High School Goddess
Episode one - And That is How it Began!
It was an ordinary school day, freshman year has started, and the new freshman class were seated in their first period class. Titana sat next to her blonde friend and the two voiced their concerns about their first year of high school.
Her friend Lisa was fixing her makeup, “Exciting, isn’t it? We’re high school students now. We’re becoming women.”
Titana, “I’m a little nervous.”
Lisa, “Don’t be, if anyone messes with you, I’ve got your back.” Lisa was much taller than Titana and is trained in Martial Arts. “I know how to fight.”
Titana gave her friend a look of disapproval, “No violence.”
She lowered her brows, “How do you suppose we stop them from picking on us?”
“Ignore them?”
“Ha! Everyone knows that doesn’t really work.”
“Doesn’t matter, I don’t want us getting in trouble on the first day
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 12 5
New Fursona by AuriaWriter1995 New Fursona :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 3 3 Identity presentation by AuriaWriter1995 Identity presentation :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 3 3
Jesus Christ
His blood was shed
He was nailed on the cross
He rose from the dead
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 12 8
Learning Katakana by AuriaWriter1995 Learning Katakana :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 3 2 Hiragana Improvement by AuriaWriter1995 Hiragana Improvement :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 1 11 Learning Hiragana by AuriaWriter1995 Learning Hiragana :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 1 0
It's Life or Destruction
A man knew God
But did not like His ways
He did what he thought was good
He became a lover of sin
Lover of the world
Lover of human approval
and lover of self
He did not love God
He did not love His Word
And so destroyed himself
But he did not know what was coming
He did not know the devil
He became the devil's words
He became the devil's follower
And so, Satan became his god
On the day of his time of death
As the man took his last breath
His soul is now in Hell
There He weeps and gnashed his teeth
"Lord, I repent!" He said
But the Lord said:
"It is too late. Hell has claimed you."
The man had a sister
Unlike her brother, she loved God
She pleased the Lord with righteousness
And confessed her sins everyday
She was humble
She loved everyone
And she was generous
Everything she did
She did it in the name of God
And became like Jesus
She denied herself
And resisted temptation
Even Satan trembled at her sight
On her time of death
She took her last breath
And her soul was taken
To reside wit
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 7 3
Power of Resurrection Contest
“Jesus,” She said,
“I pray to know you.”
Jesus heard her and told
her, “Deny your flesh, the world
and yourself and suffer just as
I have suffered. Do that and
you shall know me.”
She accepts her calling
She has denied
her flesh
She has denied
the world
She has denied
Because she has denied
all those things
She has been mocked
She has been beaten
She has been hated
She has been scarred
and carried her cross
just as Jesus did
Through her sufferings
she has come to know
She gained the power
of resurrection
And became like Him
in His death
She has become new
in the mind of Jesus Christ
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 12 6
My Life
You have called me names
You pushed me around
You called me ugly
I considered one of you
my friend
Why do this to me?
You have also hurt me
You insulted my mother
You made me insecure
You called me stupid
Because of you
I was depressed
I was broken
I wanted to kill myself
But God
You were there
You showed me compassion
When I stepped on that road
As I crossed to end my life
You stepped in
And showed me love
But I’ve forgotten that love
And seeked elsewhere to get love
I seeked Taylor Swift
I let her take all the credit
For the work You did
For years it wasn’t clear
Who really saved me
Taylor made me happy
But You saved me
You said to me
“You are beautiful
in my eyes.
I am Your true friend
and Your Heavenly Father. I
love you more than you know.”
But I still turned a blind eye
I was idolizing again
Forgetting all about my
best friend who saved me
and showered me with love
And once again you
reminded me
You showed me
what you can do
You have set me
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 5 2
Kristabelle (Kris) Stephenson by AuriaWriter1995 Kristabelle (Kris) Stephenson :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 1 0
The Earthquake
The ground moved
I just sat there
The house shook
I just sat there
The house rattled
I just sat there
The ground stopped moving
The house stopped shaking
The house stopped rattling
I hid under the table
Thinking it might return
The ground did not moved
The house did not shake
The house did not rattle
It was over
I came out of the table
The ground moved
Didn't anyone felt it?
The house shook
Didn't anyone noticed?
The house rattled
Didn't anyone heard?
The ground moved
No one felt it
The house shook
No one noticed
The house rattled
No one heard
The ground moved
Only I felt it
The house shook
Only I noticed
The house rattled
Only I heard
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 1 0
Dear God
Why, God?
Why am I afraid to tell people
Just how much you mean to me
Why God?
Can't I tell them,
"You are there for me?"
Am I ashamed?
Or am I just afraid?
I want you to give me courage
I want to tell people,
"God is for me"
Why are people so scary?
Perhaps because I have lost friends,
all because I said,
"I believe in the Word of God"
So who is my true friend?
Man or God?
God, you are my true friend
It was you,
who held me tight
Who healed me
and loved me unconditionally
Your friendship is everlasting
Therefore, I shall not be afraid
No longer
For I know who are my real friends
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
If people wish to leave me
for believing in you
Then so be it
I much rather spend my time
with you
:iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 21 21
For Fox by AuriaWriter1995 For Fox :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 2 2 Auriditha world by AuriaWriter1995 Auriditha world :iconauriawriter1995:AuriaWriter1995 0 0


Sleepless Nights by Kikijonson Sleepless Nights :iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 17 5 Date VS Door by Saxxon Date VS Door :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 943 25 Corporate Growth by Saxxon Corporate Growth :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 399 12 Misato might actually be getting kinda fat now by Saxxon Misato might actually be getting kinda fat now :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 242 1 Even More Super-Sized Sonico and Pochaco by Saxxon Even More Super-Sized Sonico and Pochaco :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 462 5 The Start of Something Big - 22 by chibiBiscuit The Start of Something Big - 22 :iconchibibiscuit:chibiBiscuit 344 173
8 Facts About Dawn Martel
The Rules:
1- Post these Rules
2- Post 8 facts about your character
3- Tag 8 other characters
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character.)
1. Dawn is currently eighteen years old and stands at a little over two hundred feet in height. She is still growing at a steady pace and she or even any medical professionals don’t know just how tall she will grow.
2. Dawn was originally a brunette but after her epic time travelling adventure her hair turned completely white. The effects were severe enough to even turn her pubic hair white.
3. When Dawn was younger she found an abandoned egg in a quarry. The egg turned out to be that of a Bellusosaurus which she named Lucky since he was lucky that she found him. The pair have been inseparable ever since.
4. After watching the original Terminator film when she was younger Dawn is terrified of robots. Even though she knows that it was only a film s
:icona0040pc:a0040pc 3 21
Tooth Ache by Kikijonson
Mature content
Tooth Ache :iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 42 20
Tokyo: Ghibli Clock at the Nippon TV Tower by Daiyoukai-sama Tokyo: Ghibli Clock at the Nippon TV Tower :icondaiyoukai-sama:Daiyoukai-sama 28 10 Tokyo: Dentsu Building in Minato-ku by Daiyoukai-sama Tokyo: Dentsu Building in Minato-ku :icondaiyoukai-sama:Daiyoukai-sama 17 5 Chibi Kiki Cast by Kikijonson Chibi Kiki Cast :iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 22 9 AHWK!!! Happy Birthday, small-world-queen! by JIMENOPOLIX AHWK!!! Happy Birthday, small-world-queen! :iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 18 19 Tired youngster by Svenimal Tired youngster :iconsvenimal:Svenimal 308 8 Fat Giantess Maribelle by Saxxon Fat Giantess Maribelle :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 383 8 Oh'Tyrin by Blazbaros Oh'Tyrin :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 469 21 Realistic Tomato Slice by ScarletWarmth Realistic Tomato Slice :iconscarletwarmth:ScarletWarmth 77 13


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Quote of the day: "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you." John 15:18-20 NKJV

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I couldn't find any other story where Anastasia can star in, so I decided to keep writing her story in Felarya. The second chapter is almost done so there's not much I need to write. I shall post it soon when it's finished and edited for the readers. :>

Also, I plan to write new content. I'm going to write series about a goddess. I think I will love writing about her and I think the audience will like the little stories I create. I'm going to work on the first installment now. When it's done I will post it.


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